Q: How can I login to my new IndieBucks account?
A: You should be able to use the same username & password you were using with GunzBlazing. If login fails, go to the “Forgot Password?” page on IndieBucks, and enter your GunzBlazing username and your email address. You will receive an email with a new password.

Q: I already have an IndieBucks account, how can I make sure my old linkcodes redirect to it?
A: the easiest way is to click an old linkcode and look at your IndieBucks stats. If you don’t see any hits – don’t panic – contact us and we’ll tell you which account your clicks are going to.

Q: I already have an IndieBucks account, but it looks like a new one was created.
A: We used the email address on an account to match existing accounts. We can still merge accounts if you contact us ASAP.

Q: Do I need to change my boynapped linkcodes?
A: While there is a redirect in place that makes sure no traffic is lost, we highly recommend generating new linkcodes from the IndieBucks linkcodes page and updating your links

Q: What happens to my GunzBlazing account?
A: Your account is still open at GunzBlazing and they are responsible for paying out any amount generated prior to Dec 12 2012.

Q: What happens to my rebills?
A: All rebills will continue to get paid on. Rebills from Dec 12 2012 will be paid by IndieBucks.

Q: What are IndieBucks’ payout rates?
A: We pay 60% partnership (aka revshare) or $30 PPS.

Q: What happened to the old tour?
A: We created a brand new tour, complete with a mobile version and of course our amazing Stunner Media members area. We will keep working on the tour and tweak it for maximum sales ;)

Q: What about the hosted galleries and tube clips?
A: We are still working on importing those into IndieBucks but fear not - your traffic to the hosted galleries redirects properly to your IndieBucks account.

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